Want a long lasting gift? Request the gift of education!

captureWhen friends or family are considering a gift for your child, remind them that nothing offers more long term benefits than the gift of education! A family member or friend can easily give your child a gift of college savings for holidays and special occasions. Also, a contribution to the UA College Savings Plan may be a gift that potentially grows with your child.

Our gift contribution slip makes the process easy. Here’s how it works.

1. Download and print the gift contribution slip.

You can find the gift contribution slip on the Forms & Documents page of our website or by clicking here. Print as many copies of it as you plan to distribute to friends and family.

2. Fill in key information on the form.

You need to fill out the first three lines: account holder name, account number and portfolio name. All of this information is available on your quarterly statements, in account access or by calling 1-800-478-0003.

3. Share the form with anyone who might want to give your child a gift.

Give the form to anyone you know who may be interested in giving your child a gift. Once they have the gift contribution slip, they can send in gifts of $25 or more directly to the account. The slip includes an acknowledgement form that they can return to let you know they have honored your child with a contribution.

4. Make it even easier and express gratitude.

Make the process as easy as possible for the gift giver by including a pre-addressed stamped envelope along with each gift slip you share. This will make it simple for giver to send the contribution to the UA College Savings Plan.  Also, consider sending a thank you card to anyone who has shared a gift of education. You can use this as a teaching opportunity and involve your child in gratitude process.