Grow your College Savings with your Tax Refund; April News

Staff Profile

Liz Bowman, Admin Specialist at the UA College Savings Plan

LizCSPphotoAs the newest staff member for UA College Savings Plan, I have learned a lot about the complex world of 529 plans and the unique services we provide to Alaska’s families. Besides communications and outreach, my favorite part of the UA College Savings Plan activities, I also have to be well versed in the processes of College Savings from start to finish.  When the phone rings in our office, I need to be prepared to help!

From setting up a plan through the new account set up (NASU) process, adding an employee to payroll deduction, or processing a distribution for incoming students, there is no area of College Savings that I can’t support. Are you lost when it comes to you or your child’s college savings plan account? Give me a call! I’ll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Featured: Using your tax refund to grow a College Savings Plan


Are you expecting a tax refund check this year? According to TurboTax, 75% of Americans received a refund in 2016 with the average totaling $2,800.00. If this is you, think about giving your refund a chance to go even further by depositing it into a UA College Savings Plan account. Your contributions can grow tax deferred and qualified distributions are tax-free when the time comes to start paying college tuition and fees.

So before you plan an impromptu vacation or buy front row tickets to a concert, consider giving your refund a chance to do more for your financial future by contributing it to your UA College Savings Plan account. You worked hard for your tax refund, let us help make it work for you.


Mush for Kids (Fairbanks, AK)

Mush4kids logoEach April the UA College Savings Plan joins the Alaska Children’s Trust at Mush for Kids,
a family friendly event featuring dog mushing rides, access to community resources, and tours of the city bus, ambulances, and K9 units. This year we offered a photo booth for children and families to take fun pictures with our mascot, Dash.

Here are a few of our favorites from the event:



Upcoming Events:

KidsDay (Anchorage, AK)

KidsDay logoThis Saturday, April 15, UA College Savings Plan will be at KidsDay in Anchorage, an event lead by Anchorage’s Promise. KidsDay celebrates youth and families and provides kids of all ages a day of laughter and fun! Stop by the UA College Savings photo booth, say hello, and take a picture with Dash!

Kids2College (Statewide)

Kids2College UA Logo

Kids2College (K2C) is a nationwide early college awareness program, designed for students in their last year of elementary school (5th and 6th grades). The 6-lesson curriculum helps students identify career interests, build personal learning and career plans, and understand the steps they can take in middle and high school to better prepare themselves for college and career success. The Lesson 5 College & Career Panel helps students gain a greater understanding about what it’s like to be a college student and working professional. Where available, schools are partnered with campuses who host a campus visit, complete with age-appropriate, hands-on college classes designed to help students get a feel for college life.

K2C Alaska is made possible though a partnership between the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education and UA College Savings Plan. For more information about program participation, click here.



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